Create, manufacture and sell the exact size

Our robotic solutions are articulated around three offers, from the basic functionalities to the most advanced. These offers depend on professional sectors, resources and any specific demands.

Euveka commits itself on the quality of its products manufactured in France and guarantees a serene and efficient technical support to assist our clients in the turn of textile customization.

A range of dummies adjusted to your need


Today prototyping means working at the desired morphology on an evolutive equipment in less than two minutes.


Dedicated Software Solution

Synchronicity with existing software
• Remote control system
• Edition of technical instruction sheets and production dashboard

Robotic performances of mannequins


picto_repro Instant reproduction

Duplicate morphology with accuracy Automatic measurement

picto_mutli Multiple variations

Size 34 to 48, variation by scale or made to measure, full mutation or by micro area

picto_capteurs Incorporated Sensors

Problem’s automatic detection, textile’s pressure, temperature, solvent toxicity,etc

picto_adapte Suitable model

Man, woman and child bust bodypart