Our history

Established in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region since 2011, EUVEKA is a French expert on the personalization of the processes of the textile and clothing industry.

Euveka is a Drôme start-up specialized in robotic technologies related to morphology and biomimicry. We manufacture and develop evolutive mannequins and connected robots, driven by a design software dedicated to textile professionals, from haute couture to ready-to-wear, but also on more technical sectors like sport, medical and security.

Our Ambitions

Become a performance partner to accompany each structure in the turn towards textile customization, mass or tailor-made.

Respond to a production ethic by allowing each professional to work in efficiency and serenity.

Program customizable robotic solutions to each trade as requested.

Work with a local ecosystem to build a product exclusively in France (Drôme) with a strong social and solidarity dimension.

Our Values

Understand today to better act tomorrow

Technology at the service of craftsmanship

Training the creators and future professionals in today's technologies ensures prosperity for the future of texiles

Equity Ethics:
A strong social and solidarity dimension for a positive impact on the world.

Our Engagments

Precise and powerful robotic solutions to sell at the exact size, with no mistakes.

Customer satisfaction from having clothes designed to their morphology / image.

Serenity for professionals so they can actively guide the evolution of textile personalization.

Understand today to
better act tomorrow

Textiles are considered the second most polluting industry in the world. Every year in France, 70% of discarded clothes end up in a landfill or incinerator. Textile waste is a reality. Our technological solutions are developed to considerably reduce the number of prototypes our software notifies each prototyping error upstream in order to avoid throwing away tons of textiles.

At Euveka our products are eco-designed and guaranteed without planned obsolescence.

Our packaging is recyclable and sustainable, and we make a point of sorting all of our waste internally.

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Technology at the service of craftsmanship

Technology at the service of craftsmanship Textile crafts remain strong and can shine even more with the help of new, adapted tools that can sublimate the know-how of artisans. Facilitating and making design processes more reliable is at the core of our development strategy. We want to let each craftsman to put their creativity into their product rather than into repetitive tasks.

At Euveka we aim to satisfy the demands of the textile industry by developing new robotic solutions that meet their requirements.

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Training teachers in today's technologies ensures prosperity for the future of textiles

Training in adapted tools for schools and businesses is essential for staying competitive and innovative in the market.
We make every effort to effectively and steadily support each professional in the public or private sector in industrial customization through our training.

At Euveka we have created a special offer for modeling schools so they have state-of-the-art tools for working.

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Ethics of equity
A strong social and solidarity dimension for a positive impact on the world

We carry out various social actions like entrusting some of our assemblies to Esat. We help and support projects from young entrepreneurs to help them with structure, and we participate in scholastic programs in underserved areas. We actively support programs in engineering schools so that students can do their internships at Euveka.

Internally we support a social innovation program to build on a liberated business model and become a ÒBest Place to Work. Join us!

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Sector of Activity

Haute Couture
& ready-to-wear fashion

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